Friday, February 11, 2011


According to there are three different types of consumer segmentation. There were a lot of other sources that I checked which had at least five to six different types of segmentation. I liked’s segmentation because they made it pretty simple by dividing consumers in three different groups.
1. Eco go -getters – These are the tech savvy consumers who make informed buying decisions, are local shoppers, and enjoy quality and most likely will do their shopping at whole foods
2. The Cleaners – These are the consumers who live a pollutant free lifestyle, eat only organic, use non toxic cleaners and make up, understand that physical exercise is part of their overall well being, and buy mostly local.
3. The Healers – These consumers are like the “Mother Theresa of Conscious Consumers” and they shop and lead their lives in a way that will benefit the planet. They buy and live their lives in a way to eliminate hunger, disease, and poverty. These consumers are pretty big donators and are motivated by thoughts of human suffering and planet well being.
It seems like a pretty simple way to segment green or conscious consumers – but I have to say that I agree with them. I think there are the people who are somewhat careful with what they buy and try to stay “green”, then there are the people in the middle, and lastly the extremists. I am also very pleasantly surprised with how they incorporated lifestyle choices such as donations and exercise into their segmentation. I think that was a very smart move, because people who are  ”conscious” of sustainability, are also going to be more conscious of their bodies and their regiment.

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