Monday, February 28, 2011

Sustainable University Campuses in California

The University of California Chico is the only campus in the California State University system that has made a commitment to zero-waste. The University wants to achieve a waste diversion rate of 90% or better by 2015, which is needed to achieve a zero-waste status.
How does the University want to achieve this? It gradually decreases its environmental impact over the next four years. Here are some of the ways that the university changed its business practices to be more sustainable.
·      composting nearly 200,000 pounds of food scraps each year from CSU, Chico’s cafeterias, coffee shops, and AS Catering
·      continuously expanding their already successful book buyback program
·      setting up recycling bins around the campus to motivate the students to recycle
But the University of California Chico is not the only school implementing sustainable business practices. A great school very close by has emerged to the greenest campus in the world: UC Berkeley.
The following list represents some of the highlights of its sustainability practices:
·      Reduction of greenhouse gas emission by 4.5%
·      Total water usage (not incl. residence hall) has dropped by almost 20% in the last 21 years.
·      Bottled water sales have been reduced by 25% due to an “I Heart Tap Water” campaign on campus.
·      The launch of the university’s Campus Cycle Plan has lead to an increase of 850 bicycles commuters
These universities set a great example for campus around the world. What other campus can you think of that implement greener and more sustainable business practices?

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