Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Sustainable Electronics Initiative started in 2009 by the University of Illinois students and staff. It is an initiative to research and develop new and sustainable designs and manufacturing for electronics. This initiative not only wants to change the way that our world is manufacturing mass electronics every year and then dumping the old designs in underdeveloped countries, but also to educate people on the benefits of sustainable electronics. For more information on this initiative, please check out their website:
As our first GGU Students for Sustainability Meeting is coming closer, I can’t help but think about the future of this wonderful club and where we and its future leaders will take its mission. These students at University of Illinois didn’t just wake up one day and decide to do the initiative..I’m sure it took lots of thoughts, club meetings, and overall education to get them to actually take a stance and somehow change the world a little bit. Maybe I’m overzealous in thinking that we can do this here at GGU also. I feel like we have so many great students and great staff, that we can also implement a huge sustainability movement here at school. Yes, we have the new recycling and compost bins, but what about all of the paper that we print, the paper cups in the cafe, the dozens of napkins I see left out all over the cafe, the countless professors who need to print out everything… we can start with a small movement here that will change not only school life, but will let others think twice about how much waste is in their life.
We are not perfect, and I’m not saying GGU needs to be completely 100% green, but some stuff I’m sure we can live without…like maybe not taking more than the actual napkins that we are going to use.. and yes I’m guilty of this too.
The GGU Students for Sustainability would love to hear from you and listen to your ideas and thoughts about Sustainability. Please see below for our first meeting details and also how you can find us on social media.
Meeting: 2/7  from 5-6 p.m. Room 5207
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